Election of:Royal Mail Divisional Representatives – 2020 Royal Mail Divisional Representatives (Substitute) – 2020 Royal Mail Divisional Chair – 2020

Election of:

  • Royal Mail Divisional Representatives – 2020
  • Royal Mail Divisional Representatives (Substitute) – 2020
  • Royal Mail Divisional Chair – 2020

Further to LTB 040/20 dated 24th January 2020 at the close of nominations at 14:00 on 10th February 2020, the following were received:


ANGLIA Steve ButtsEastern No 4*ElectedBarry JenningsNorthern Home Counties Postal*Elected

LONDONMark PalfreySouth East London Postal & Counter*ElectedJohn SimkinsLondon Phoenix*Elected

MIDLANDSimon EdmundsNottingham & District Amal*ElectedPaul KennedyBirmingham District Amal*Elected

NORTH EASTGary HodkinsonSouth Yorks & District Amal*ElectedBob McGuireNewcastle Amal*Elected

NORTH WALES/NORTH WESTMark BoltonNorth Lancs & Cumbria*ElectedIan TaylorGreater Manchester*Elected

SCOTLAND/NORTHERN IRELANDKenny LoganScotland No 2*ElectedTam DewarGlasgow District Amal*Elected

SOUTH CENTRAL Dermot FullerSouth West No 7(Ballot Required)Paul GarrawaySouth Central PostalRob HayhurstWessex South Central

SOUTH EAST David BennettSouth East No 5(Ballot Required)Darren ShadeKent InvictaStephen  WiselySouth East Thames AmalPhilip WrightKent Invicta

SOUTH WEST/SOUTH WALES Les EvansSouth West Wales Amal*ElectedAndy NashBristol & District Amal*Elected


ANGLIA Kevin MartinEssex Amal*Elected

LONDONMark DolanNorth/North West London*Elected

MIDLAND Steve BlowerNottingham District Amal*Elected

NORTH EAST Steve WarrenSouth Yorkshire & District*Elected

NORTH WALES/NORTH WEST Paul DugdaleNorth West Central Amal*Elected

SCOTLAND/NORTHERN IRELANDFra MartinNorthern Ireland Combined(Ballot Required)Robert StorrieScotland No 5

SOUTH CENTRAL Darren ButcherSouth East No 5(Ballot Required)Rob HayhurstWessex South Central

SOUTH EAST Alaisdair MacLeodCroydon & Sutton Amal*Elected

SOUTH WEST/SOUTH WALES Stephen CoombesWestern Counties*Elected


ANGLIA Trevor WilliamsonEastern No 3*Elected

LONDONBarry NelsonSouth East London Postal & Counters*Elected

MIDLAND  Linford GibbonsNottingham District Amal*Elected

NORTH EASTGraham CloughSouth Yorkshire & District Amal*Elected

NORTH WALES/NORTH WESTLenny CrookNorth Lancs & Cumbria*Elected

SCOTLAND/NORTHERN IRELANDJim McKechnieGlasgow &  District Amal*Elected

SOUTH CENTRAL Stewart HardieWessex South Central*Elected

SOUTH EAST Liz PhillipsKent Invicta(Ballot Required)Angela WhitterCroydon & Sutton Amal* Note: Branch Ballot (Not Individual Member Ballot)

SOUTH WEST/SOUTH WALES Paul WottonWestern Counties*Elected

The timetable for the above elections are as follows:

Ballot Papers dispatched:                             17 February 2020

Ballot Close:                                                     2 March 2020 (first post)

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address sdgs@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary


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