Urgent Update Feb 2020 on CWU’s decision to ballot the membership for strike action from London division

For the Attention of All London CWU members

Urgent Update Feb 2020 on CWU’s decision to ballot the membership for strike action

Dear Colleague

Royal Mail over the last three weeks have made a calculated decision to move ahead with their Business strategy without agreement.

Approximately 30 offices across the Country have been given notice that revisions including MPU closures and Post Box Strategy Revisions will be introduced within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Royal Mail’s decision to introduce these unagreed plans, means there are a significant number of OPGs who don’t know if they have a job and if they do in which location within 4 to 6 weeks.

In London, Camden NW1 MPU has been given notice it will be closing in 4 weeks and the work transferred to Greenford Mail Centre. The staff at Camden MPU do not know where they will be working in 4 weeks’ time and if they have a job, what they will be performing?

This is totally unacceptable. Royal Mail should be ashamed with themselves.

In fact, Royal Mail has adopted a new charm offensive spinning and trying to justify their decision to introduce unagreed change on revisions.

However, the cold and stark reality is that their decision to push ahead with unagreed change leaves post workers in those sites with an uncertain future.

We understand that Royal Mail will be announcing more executive action over the next few weeks. Royal Mail are currently targeting MPU closures, Post Box Strategy, VRs linked to a Mail Centre realignment, moving delivery starts back and removal of improved attendances in delivery.

At the same time running parallel to this Royal Mail are also introducing their new parcel strategy by imposition and not negotiation.

This includes introducing in Swindon and Crewe the removal of larger parcels (above shoe box size) from the core delivery and moving it later.

Their end game plan is that approximately one in every six deliveries will become a later driver who will deliver the larger parcels for not only the office they work but the catchment areas which the Later Acceptance Office currently delivers for.

The driver will move later in the day and deliver all the larger parcels for a number of offices. The remaining 5 walks will be asked to absorb the drivers’ delivery. Additionally, Royal Mail plan to reduce replenishment van duties.

The Delivery Offices in the wider catchment area will lose this workload completely, meaning that there will be a requirement for reductions in duties, attendances and hours.

Royal Mail’s end game is to have 3 super parcel hubs across the UK which will automate the larger parcels to around 200 to 300 offices.

This is completely game changing and will have an impact on every office, every function and will lead to significant job reductions and new ways of working.

Royal Mail are trying to impose this far reaching plan on the workforce. This is simply unacceptable.

Additionally, Royal Mail has decided to introduce Automated Hours Data Capture (AHDC) into a number of offices including PRDC by imposition.

Royal Mail say on their Communications that it simply designed to replace having to sign in and out with a pen and paper.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Royal Mail want to introduce automated signing in and out and link it to the hours you actually get paid and your attendance times.

In fact, in Greenford Mail Centre a manager attempted to use the data from the automated hours data capture to change part timers starts time by 30 minutes and removal of scheduled attendance.

Royal Mail are trying to con its workforce by deliberately not telling employees that the only way that the cost of introducing the equipment for automated signing in and out is by linking it to what is paid in overtime, SA and eventually to use it to resource introduce revisions and annualised hours.

Royal Mail are also imposing Resource Scheduler (RS) which is designed to produce a different duty schedule for offices on a weekly or seasonal basis.

The imposition of AHDC and RS is part of Royal Mail’s wider strategy called Enterprise which is designed to link PDAs, AHDC and Traffic Transformation together to produce a new duty list for a delivery office per week or for a period and reduce overtime, rest day working, part timers hours above contracts, change start times and remove improved attendances.

This policy is ultimately designed to reduce the unions ability to consult and negotiate on duties and resourcing as the computer and systems are designed to introduce the change.

It is against this backdrop that the CWU has been left with no other alternative than to ballot the membership for strike action.

The ballot timetable is that ballot papers will be dispatched on 3rd March and the result will be announced on 17th March.

All industrial action ballot results are important but rarely have we seen Royal Mail management deciding to virtually de-recognise the CWU and impose what they want without any safeguards for members as we see now happening.

The CWU had been perfectly reasonable and said that we would talk with Royal Mail about the issues they want providing they halted the executive action.

To date all Royal Mail have done is threaten to introduce more executive action.

It is therefore essential that members vote once again to support your union who is fighting to stop Royal Mail’s imposing change on the workforce which will have far reaching effects on jobs and terms and conditions.

Over the next few weeks all Reps will hold membership meetings to inform you of the reasons to vote yes in the Industrial Action Ballot.

However, perhaps the biggest reason to vote yes is to inform Royal Mail that imposition is never the answer to introducing change on the workforce. This union can never allow Royal Mail to impose change on the membership.

By voting yes, the membership will once again demonstrate that they stand by their union and demand negotiation on their future terms and conditions and not dictation.

Please vote yes and make your voice heard to Royal Mail that we will never be defeated.

A statement by the London Divisional Committee

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