Royal Mail Group Environment Week 10 – 14February 2020

Royal Mail Group Environment Week 10th – 14thFebruary 2020

The Health, Safety & Environment Department has today received confirmation of RMG’s first ever Environment Week, along with all the materials to be used during the Campaign which takes place next week over the course of 5 days with different daily topics  10th – 14th February.

The materials (copies attached) are:

  • Two sets of slides which be shown on the Office Plasma TV Screens,
  • A daily template for Managers to deliver a topical brief each day,
  • An Environment Week WTLL.

There is a range of support information and advice available on the topics of wastes, travel and biodiversity on the RMG intranet to support the campaign through the links below.

  • Bite sized comms for Sustainable Travel – LINK
  • Sustainable Travel guidance materials – LINK
  • Bite sized comms for Biodiversity – LINK
  • Biodiversity survey –LINK

Any Management questions should be directed to Nicholas Burns RMG‎ Safety Health and Environment Engagement Manager Mobile: 07801091380or Email:

Note:  The fact that this has been received at very short notice has been raised with the RMG SHE Team and therefore although the Union fully supports ‘Green Policies’ and supporting the protection and enhancement of the Environment, this will obviously affect the level of support our Reps can give and we have requested better planning and advance notice if this campaign is to be repeated in future.  RMG SHE accepts this.  That having been said where possible, can local Unit, Area, Branch and Regional Reps give support where possible.

Feedback is welcomed from CWU Reps and members. Additionally, employees can submit their ideas for the chance to win one of five small environmental-focused prizes‎.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Health, Safety & Environment Department on telephone number 020 8971 7365.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Joyce
National Health Safety & Environment Officer


Slides (1)

Slides (2)

SHE Huddle Environment Mix & Match FY 20 001

Environment Week WTLL

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