Royal Mail Dispute: Checklist for Branches to follow when updating Members’ Records

Royal Mail Dispute: Checklist for Branches to follow when updating Members’ Records

LTB 059/20 dated 4th February notified Branches of the ballot timetable for the industrial action ballot we are about to conduct in RMG/Parcelforce Worldwide.  It is now necessary that we carry out the work on branch records ahead of the scheduled notification date.  We have to remind branches here that this is an extremely important activity that will be essential to ensure we comply with the relevant legislation.

We will shortly be sending a list of workplaces to branches to begin this checking process.  It is absolutely imperative that all branches complete the following check list and respond by 20th February 2020 to the email set out below.

The check list is:

  1. Check all Office names and addresses within the branch including any standalone units within Mail Centres, MPUs or Combined Delivery Offices.
  2. Ensure all members are in the correct workplace.
  3. Check member’s addresses.
  4. Check the total members within each standalone unit are correct (including any members who are due to leave the business within the ballot timetable period).
  5. Check the grade(including any substantive managers) associated with members are correct.

It is important to remind branches that if a member has transferred to a unit within the branch area this can be changed by using the OLS system in the branch.  If a member has transferred out of the branch area then Membership Records Department at Head Office would need to be notified.

All changes should be notified to Lisa Parrett in the SDGS department at the following email address

Again, we have to emphasis that given the position we find ourselves in i.e. our dispute with RMG then the terms of this LTB must be treated as a priority by all branches.  Any enquires should be addressed to

Yours sincerely,

            Dave Ward                                                    Tony Kearns                                                   Terry Pullinger 

General Secretary           Senior Deputy General Secretary          Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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