South Central Division Divisional Reps DISPUTE UPDATE 22nd January 2020

South Central Division

Divisional Reps

Terry Jackson

Dermot Fuller

Sub Divisional Rep

Paul Garraway

DISPUTE UPDATE 22nd January 2020

Yesterday Dermot attended the national briefing for senior field officials at CWU HQ.

There will be a follow up conference call with senior field officials early next week.

Discussions were had exploring the inevitability of exploring enacting a reballot. To this end it is imperative that all Branches must ensure their membership records are robust and up to date.

It is important to provide our Representatives with some feedback:

In the New Year Terry Pullinger and Ray Ellis met with Royal Mail to seek to discuss a format for talks to resolve our ongoing dispute.

At this meeting RM said the company was in a difficult financial position and were under shareholder pressure to accelerate change.

Previously both parties had committed to a period of calm to allow meaningful discussions to take place, but now RM have said that they have honoured all existing agreements with the CWU and are now free to implement trials that are on hold or in dispute, and any initiatives where the I/R Framework is exhausted.

On trials they are keen to implement dedicated Parcel Deliveries (currently a unilateral modelling exercise in Swindon DO), Resource Scheduler and AHDC (effectively clocking in and out). On I/R issues, there are currently over 700 issues at joint national intervention, and their intention is to start introducing their position by Executive Action.

Within our Division we have been notified by the respective SDLs of RM’s intention to proceed with a “live” Parcel Trial in Swindon commencing next Monday and CSS proposals in Slough and Fareham. This is the thin end of the wedge. As and when we hear of further executive action we will notify the relevant Area Representatives. It may be prudent for the affected units to prepare themselves for requests for local ballots.

Despite having given managers a large pay rise and bonus, RM are refusing to review the 2019 CWU pay deal or talk about our 2020 pay deal.

The CWU pay deals should contain joint commitments from the 4 Pillars Agreement to a Shorter Working Week. RM are refusing to honour their side of the bargain on either the next hour off (which is already overdue), or the movement to a 35-hour week by 2022.

Joint commitments to address the appalling culture that exists in many RM workplaces are not on the employer’s agenda.

It is anticipated that RM at present can only break-even at best in this financial year, despite a great Christmas and the extra revenue from the General Election. In all likelihood it will become loss-making.

The same people who have got us in this position, now propose wasting more resources on their flawed plans for the pipeline and their proven failed technology initiatives.

The CWU are the only party looking for common-sense change that carries the whole of the organisation forward with a shared vision.

We will re-ballot to resist the RM inflammatory stance. We will use every ounce of our energy to get a massive YES vote to drag them back to the negotiating table.

There is no doubt that RM are adopting an aggressive stance. They are looking to marginalise your union. They may be even looking to break or de-recognise the CWU. WE will not let this happen.

Over the next couple of weeks there will of course be correspondence and LTBs that elaborate on the CWU position.

As a Division we aim to call a meeting to discuss our position and fully develop with Branches a shared strategy. This will be an opportunity to provide more in-depth information.We would ask all branches and representatives to assist us, and allow us to assist you, over what will undoubtably be one of the most challenging times in our great Union’s history.





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