Important update for the London Divisional Committee

Important update for the London Divisional Committee

Shortly after New Year , Terry Pullinger and Ray Ellis on behalf of the Union met Royal Mail to talk about agreeing the format for negotiations to resolve the dispute.

Royal Mail at this meeting stressed that the business were in a very poor financial position , much worse than expected and were under pressure from Shareholders to make change quicker in order to help turn around the companies financial position.

Interestingly, the companies position did not include December and the one off windfall of the General Election or Christmas.

Royal Mail also confirmed that the Dispute Resolution process had been completed on all issues associated with the dispute and that the company would now be taking executive action on selective issues.

This means regardless of whether your office is at stage 1 , 2,3 or 4 of the IR framework , the procedure is exhausted and they can take executive action on any office currently in the IR framework.

There are currently 716 separate disagreements within the IR framework.

It is understand that there first choice of executive action will be those offices who have disagreements registered regarding CSS machine closures or MPU closures as they believe it will weaken the union if they offer VRs to the CSS operators.

Additionally Royal Mail have stated they want to take executive action over the some trial activity which is the parcel separation trial in Swindon , AHDC and Resource Scheduler.

At a further meeting yesterday Royal Mail confirmed that selective executive action would take place.

Let’s be very clear , Royal Mail by their actions have chosen to virtually de-recognise the CWU.

The Postal Executuve at a meeting last Tuesday confirmed we would ballot Nationally if Royal Mail did not pull back from their chosen course of action. In addition we would recommend local offices also ballot if Royal Mail were taking executive action in their office or Branch.

There is a Joint PE and Field Official Meeting next Tuesday 21st January and than afterwards the Postal Executive will meet time discuss the timescales and plan for getting a yes vote.

The stakes have been raised by Royal Mail by their strategy to take executive action.

They are testing us to see whether we will respond and get as big a yes vote as last time.

Be in no doubt Royal Mail are out to destroy the industrial strength of the CWU.

There has never been a more important time to rise up and for the membership to back the CWU.

If Royal Mail succeed in their strategy , they will marginalise the CWU for ever !

Support our union and stand together!

We will provide you with further information after Tuesday.

A Statement from the London Divisional Committee

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