I would like to advise Branches that following recent negotiations with Susan Howlett, Customer Experience Director arising from a joint resourcing review, there are now 72 new job opportunities available within four of our Customer Experience sites. In total there are 39 additional permanent posts and 33 fixed term temporary contracts extended until early September 2020. Our Centre Reps will be involved in local discussions, ensuring fair and consistent resourcing of these posts which will primarily be from current employees. This will take place in early January as follows: 

 Doxford – Non-Account – 20 permanent roles/Complaints – 5 Fixed Term contracts 

 Dearne – Account – 19 permanent roles and 11 Fixed Term contracts 

 Plymouth – Complaints – 14 Fixed Term contracts 

 Stoke – Non-Account – 3 Fixed Term contracts 

A Joint Statement confirming the above, along with opportunities for part-time staff to increase hours has been published and is attached to this LTB for information. Obviously this is good news for our CE members and those currently on a fixed term temporary contract who will be able to apply for the new permanent roles or an extension of contract until after the summer.

Review of the Bonus Scheme

We have also agreed to the establishment of a small Joint Working Group in the New Year to look into the bonus scheme to examine whether the current targets are fit for purpose and also whether there are any opportunities for improving the mechanics of the scheme. The aim of this review is to ensure our members can earn reasonable bonuses via achievable targets that are viewed as fair.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

19LTB718 – Royal Mail – Customer Experience – 72 New Job Opportunities

Attachment to 19LTB718 – JS – CE Resourcing – Dec 2019



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