Romford Mail Centre – Property Update

Romford Mail Centre – Property Update

You will be aware that the department reported in June 2019 that we had been made aware of significant issues in relation to negotiations on the extension of the lease arrangements for Romford Mail Centre (LTB 370/19 refers).

On the basis of a possibility that Royal Mail may have had to vacate the site a Joint Cross Functional Working Group had been reviewing potential alternative operational solutions, while commercial discussions continued between Royal Mail and the landlord. We are aware that there has been some conjecture in relation to whether any revised solution would impact on other Royal Mail Sites and as such we believe that it is appropriate to inform Branches of the latest developments.

We can now inform Branches that discussions between Royal Mail and the landlord have concluded in an agreed lease extension until March 2023 as the final tenancy arrangement, with the site reverting to the landlord from that date.

Given these developments and the fact that the extension will allow for additional opportunity to consider options that may be available in line with the revised timelines, it has been agreed to cease the current consultation activity. In recognition of the revised timelines preparatory work will now be undertaken by the business for the commencement of new joint consultation activity in line with our agreed processes, early in the New Year.

It is hoped that these developments remove the immediate uncertainty for our members based at the Romford site and we would like to reassure them that we remain fully committed to achieving a viable alternative long term solution for Romford Mail Centre, beyond 2023.

Attached for the information of Branches is the Joint Statement agreed and communicated to our members at Romford Mail Centre.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference number: 722.01.

Yours sincerely


Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

LTB 715

Att 715


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