There is a huge amount at stake for the CWU and our members in the general election. As part of our political work, we have written to members’ home addresses setting out what is at stake and outlining the policies from Labour that would deliver on our key priorities. A copy of the letters that have been sent are attached to this LTB for information.


We are also writing to urge all branches and reps to take part in campaigning with Labour in marginal seats over this final week. It is clear not only that five more years of Tory government would do huge damage to the country, but that a Labour government would fundamentally change the direction of our industries, put power in the hands of our members and shift the balance of forces in the economy.


It is therefore extremely important that we are involved in campaigning if we want to deliver this change. Regions are organising campaign sessions in target seats this Saturday 7th December and leafletting sessions outside train stations on Tuesday 10th December with other Labour affiliated unions across the country. Branches and members should contact their Regional Secretary for details.


More generally, CLPs are asking for volunteers to help canvass over the weekend and to help them to turn out voters on 12th and details of campaign sessions are available here: While we appreciate this is a busy time of year for everyone, there is a great deal at stake in this election and we would urge branches to engage in campaigning over the final week wherever possible.


Any queries on the contents of this LTB should be addressed to


Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary

19LTB691 General election – home mailing and campaigning in the final week

Post Office letter

Retired members letter

Royal Mail letter

BT letter

General letter

General election letter enclosure

Labour’s proposal to roll-out free full fibre broadband – your questions answered

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