Royal Mail Group – 2019 Free Flu Voucher Offer To All Staff Campaign – REMINDER:

Royal Mail Group – 2019 Free Flu Voucher Offer To All Staff Campaign – REMINDER:

Further to LTB 588/2019, issued on the 14 October 2019, this is to remind Branches of the Royal Mail Group – 2019 Free Flu Voucher Offer to all employees and to ask Branch Reps to ensure all members are aware of the offer should they wish to take it up. They have until the 31 December to request a voucher and redeem it at a participating high street Lloyds Pharmacy (or alternative where Lloyds isn’t locally available).

CWU Members can collect a ‘Free Flu Jab Voucher’ from their manager on request. Managers will then print off a voucher for them to take to their local Lloyds Pharmacy branch.  The offer expires on 31 December 2019.

Influenza (flu) is one of our most significant causes of illness during the winter months. Flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus, which is highly contagious. Royal Mail is offering all of the workforce a free flu jab with the opportunity to receive it at a Lloyds Pharmacy (or an alternative pharmacy where Lloyds are not available in the locality).

To receive your flu jab members simply visit a branch of Lloyds Pharmacy with their voucher and their Royal Mail ID card. It’s recommended that they contact the local branch of Lloyds Pharmacy in advance to make an appointment as demand for the flu jab is currently high. To find the nearest local branch visit the Lloyds Website at:- Lloyds Pharmacy

See attached copies of the Campaign Communications:-

  • RMG ‘Free Flu Jab Voucher’ RMTV Screenshot/Poster
  • RMG ‘Free Flu Jab Voucher’ Q & A’s.
  • September and October Communications Messages and WTLLs

The CWU is encouraging members to seriously consider taking up this offer as in 2017 over 31,000 Royal Mail Group employees were affected by the Flu which was over a 31% increase on the previous year with 127,256 days lost with staff off work sick and very ill with the Flu. ‎The estimated cost to the Royal Mail Group was over £41 million.

Some key points to note are as follows:-

  • New recruits are included in the ‘Free Flu Jab’ scheme.
  • Any member who lives 15 miles or over from a Lloyds Pharmacy can use an alternative pharmacy/chemist shop company which is more conveniently located to obtain their flu jab and they will be reimbursed on provision of a receipt, paid via T&S. Prior authorisation from their manager is required.
  • Temporary contract and agency workers with a contract or service which has exceeded or is expected to exceed 12 weeks are included and can request a Flu Jab Voucher.

Your assistance in supporting and promoting the campaign and raising awareness locally within your Branch and constituency area would be welcomed and much appreciated.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB680 Royal Mail Group – 2019 Free Flu Voucher Offer To All Staff Campaign – REMINDER

556228_RM_38_Screens_Flu Campaign_1360x768_V4

Common Questions and Answers Sept19 v1 0

Flu Supporting Comms Sept19

Huddle Message 1

Huddle Message 2

Sept Joint Messaging Poster

Sept WTLL Flu Voucher_

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