CWU Dispute with Royal Mail Group

CWU Dispute with Royal Mail Group

Further to LTB 662/19, please find attached for your information (Appendix 1) an exchange of correspondence that has taken place today between myself and Rico Back, CEO of Royal Mail Group, the content of which is self-explanatory.

This was an opportunity for Rico Back to respond to all of the issues in the CWU’s open letter (sent on 15th November 2019) and to reassure everyone that their public offer of talks was genuine. Unfortunately however he has not grasped that opportunity and has failed to answer any of the significant issues raised by the CWU. We can therefore only assume that his letter is another stunt to try and satisfy the shareholders and investors as RMG published their half yearly results.

Sadly his letter is meaningless and offers no more than what has already been offered. Nothing has changed and we will continue to campaign, appeal the High Court injunction and re-ballot if necessary in defense of our Agreements, our members and this great public service.

You will note that I have again requested a proper formal response which addresses all of the issues in the CWU’s open letter, many of which were External Mediator recommendations.

In light of the above, ‘National Gate Meeting Day’ tomorrow needs to be loud and proud, and as powerful as possible because the business, opinion formers, shareholders and investors need to understand that we will not be moved and we will continue to fight until we achieve an acceptable resolution to this dispute.

Branches and Representatives are asked to give this LTB the widest possible circulation and to ensure that it is brought to the attention of all colleagues in advance of National Gate Meeting Day tomorrow. We shall not be moved.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)  

19LTB674. CWU Dispute with Royal Mail Group

LTB 674.19 Appendix 1 Correspondence Exchanged between DGSP & R. Back CEO of RMG

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