Dear Colleagues,

Further to LTB No. 637/2019, detailing the position regarding the Delivery of Election Material, the Postal Executive have now endorsed a nationally agreed position with the employer that has realised an immediate raise in the unit payments for delivery of election material.

Over a series of three meetings in recent weeks, including the day after the High Court case, the CWU made the strongest possible case to have an immediate increase in the rates and also to begin to redress the imbalance of rates that are manifested across the country at present.

Royal Mail, for their part, came to the discussions equally adamant that they did not believe that the case for an increase was one that had sufficient merit and was outside of the annual pay round talks. In addition, they went on to further state that essentially, they could not understand that election material is not part of normal workload and therefore also not subject to unit payment for their delivery, which of course, we did not accept.

The discussions were obviously influenced by the High Court judgement last week, given the advent of the General Election upon our members. That said, the employer proposed an increase of 3% on all unit payments across the board. The negotiating team immediately rejected that offer in the room, explaining that it did not meet with what we saw as an acceptable increase, nor did it address the disparity of payments in any way, shape or form.

The union invited the company to adjourn and reflect on that position and to come back with an increased offer without delay, given that poll cards are in the offices as we speak and candidate materials are imminent. We met the employer again on Monday the 18th November and received an improved offer, which is summarised as follows:

  • An immediate increase to all unit payments of 5% in global overall paybill terms for the delivery of election material.
  • An incremental effect on the increase that means greater increases percentage wise for the lower ranges of the unit payments, in line with our policy – meaning 7% for the lower end of the scale and 3% for the higher earners.
  • A re-affirmation that whilst pressure overtime cannot be booked for election material, members can still accrue overtime for excesses in normal workload that means that completion cannot be effected on that day, in line with normal national agreements.
  • A joint National review on the product and payments method during 2020.

The Postal Executive believe that after some years without an increase in the unit payment, this agreement, detailed in the attached letter from Kevin Thompson, National Delivery Director, gives our members a rise in the payments and also begins to address the position on differing unit payments levels.

The Postal Executive believe that this is the best agreement that could have been reached through negotiations with Royal Mail, given where we currently are on a National basis with the employer.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to email: quoting reference number: 535.09.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary

LTB 666.19 – Delivery of Election Material – National Agreement and Revised Unit Payment

Letter from Kevin Thompson 19_11_19

Delivery of Election Material National Agreement

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