Christmas Arrangements 2019/20

Christmas Arrangements 2019/20

Further to LTB 635/19 Branches and representatives are informed that discussions have now taken place with the business in relation to Christmas Arrangements 2019/20.

Attached for your information is a copy of the agreement that has been concluded with Royal Mail, which has also been endorsed by the Postal Executive.

Branches and representatives will note that the document broadly mirrors previous agreements and reaffirms that variations of contract for the Christmas Pressure period for Part Time or 35 hour Full Time staff can be to 38 hours where the workload supports the increase.

Colleagues should however also note that the document does not address the ongoing issue in relation to Working Time Limits. Discussions between the business and the CWU on this issue have as yet not produced an agreed outcome. Branches will recall that the last agreed position allowed our members to extend attendance to 80 hours per week on two weeks of the Christmas Pressure period, however this was unilaterally reduced by the business in 2017. For clarity, therefore the Working Time Directive issue remains a National Point of Principle and is subject to further discussion. Therefore In the absence of any current resolution to the Working Time Limits the status quo from 2016 should be applied, with issues being progressed via the IR Framework where necessary.

Please note that in recent years arrangements for Network Drivers have been concluded in a specific agreement and this has remained the case for the 2019/20 arrangements. Branches should note that a separate Letter to Branches will be issued by the relevant department in due course to communicate the arrangements for Network Drivers.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the relevant department:

Processing/Logistics: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 706A.10.


Delivery: Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 170.


Yours sincerely


Davie Robertson                 Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary            Assistant Secretary


Att LTB667

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