Today (Monday 28 October) the CWU has launched a new initiative called ‘CWU Supporters’.  This step is designed to build on our rising profile within the movement  and the website will offer us the opportunity to connect with thousands of workers and supporters across the UK to promote our industrial, political and community campaigning work.

At this stage the Supporters network is not about offering CWU membership and will be used as set out above to gather email data for our campaigning work. As the network develops the approach will be reviewed over the coming months to consider whether it can help support our broader organising and recruitment strategy.

In the meantime, with the ongoing dispute in Royal Mail Group timing could not be better. The page will ask people to support us by signing up via their email address and in return we will send updates, resources and key campaign activities on a regular basis.

CWU Supporters will give us the chance to broaden the appeal and reach of our work and we urge every branch, representative and member to share the link as widely as possible and get all of your friends and family signed up.

This development will further raise the profile of the CWU whilst also supporting our core work.   We will update branches on sign-up levels in the coming weeks.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to


Yours sincerely


Dave Ward

General Secretary 

19LTB625 cwu supporters network


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