Post Office Ltd (POL) – Free Flu Jab Vaccination Scheme 2019

Post Office Ltd (POL) – Free Flu Jab Vaccination Scheme 2019:

This is to inform all CWU Branches with Post Office Ltd (POL) ‎members that the provision of ‘Free Flu Jabs’ has been discussed and POL’s National Health and Safety Manager has confirmed that POL will again be providing ‘Free’ Flu Vaccination Vouchers for employees this year.

A communication has been sent out to POL Offices confirming that the Post Office will offer employees an opportunity to have a ‘Free Flu Vaccination.’

A communications article has been issued on the POL Intranet site and POL field team leaders are being contacted to ensure staff are aware of the flu jab scheme offer. Office managers are being contacted by the POL health and safety team and responses requesting Flu Vaccination Vouchers are being processed and non-responders are being chased up this week requesting prompt action from office managers in collecting names of those employees wishing to accept the offer of a ‘Free Flu Jab Voucher’ which will be ordered for those requesting them and despatched promptly. Members will have two months to use them in a high street pharmacy/chemist.

The attached flyer is also being circulated.

The POL Intranet Comms are available here:

Members taking up the opportunity of a ‘Free Flu Jab’ will be expected to attend for their flu jab in their own time and can use the ‘Free Flu Jab Voucher’ at listed pharmacies.

Any POL managers requiring further advice or information should call Martin Hopcroft Post Office Head of Health & Safety‎ on 07889 045810‎ or e-mail:

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB609 Post Office Ltd (POL) – Free Flu Jab Vaccination Scheme 2019

A5 Flu


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