They lose fight over having to work for longer.

 Daily Mirror
 4 Oct 2019


WOMEN furious at having to work up to six years longer to qualify for a state pension have lost a landmark court battle.

They shouted “Shame on you!” outside the High Court as their case was dismissed on all grounds.

Yesterday’s ruling affects 3.8 million women born in the 1950s whose pension age was raised so it reaches 66 by 2020.

Ministers say the changes make retirement the same for both sexes and would cost £181billion to reverse.

Campaigners argued the move constituted age and sex discrimination and came with too little notice.

But Lord Justice Irwin and Mrs Justice Whipple said they “corrected historic discrimination against men”.

And they ruled successive governments had held extensive consultation over the changes since 1995.



Sandi Gregson, 65, in tears after the London hearing, said: “It’s devastating. It’s so abhorrent. I started work at 15 and I worked for a full 50 years with no unemployment.”

Wearing a sash and rosette in suffragette colours, the Manchester gran-of-three, a former NHS psychotherapist, added: “I have no income. No pension. I have had to use food banks. I have had friends go and do me a week’s shopping in order to eat.”

Angela Badcock, 64, a former nursing home nurse from Cirencester, Glos, said: “This isn’t the end.

“Just before he became PM, Boris Johnson said he would ‘commit to doing everything I can to sort out the issue which

I’m conscious has been going on for too long’.” Joanne Welch from BackTo60, which led the case, said: “We’ll be holding him to that.” And she called on Parliament to act after 218 MPs backed a motion demanding a temporary special measure in law to provide restitution to 3.8 million women hit. Lawyers for the campaign did not rule out going to the Court of Appeal. Court One was standing room only with more than 50 women watching the case brought by Julie Delve, 61, and Karen Glynn, 63. The two judges said the previous pension ages of 60 for women and 65 for men were “direct discrimination in women’s favour”. Unison boss Dave Prentis called the ruling “a terrible blow” and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas added: “The gross pensions injustice for 1950s women remains.” Shadow Pensions Minister Jack Dromey said Labour would “consult further” with the women who “helped build Britain”.

I worked for 50 years… now I have no income, no pension SANDI GREGSON, 65, FORMER NHS WORKER


Campaigners pictured outside the High Court in London today, where judges ruled that controversial changes to the state pension age had been lawful.


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