Union Action On Climate Change – A Trade Union Guide – LRD Booklet 2019

Union Action On Climate Change – A Trade Union Guide – LRD Booklet 2019

Dire warnings that time is running out to tackle rising carbon emissions and global temperatures have propelled the climate change crisis to the top of the political and union agendas.

In the wake of climate change stark warnings of the need for urgent action we’ve seen recent mass protest action by Extinction Rebellion and student and school climate strikers for example.

As well as setting out the effect of national and international level union policy and action, including the need for a just transition to a low carbon economy, a new booklet from LRD gives practical advice to trade union representatives and aims to provide information, advice and practical guidance about what action local reps can take in their workplaces.

This booklet aims to help trade union reps play their part in tackling the climate emergency and other environmental problems.

It looks in detail at:

  • the causes and consequences of climate change;
  • the importance of ensuring a just transition and decent jobs in moving towards a low-carbon economy;
  • the role of green union reps;
  • trade union policy on energy generation;
  • union policy, advice, training and action on transport and air pollution;
  • waste and recycling and workplace action to reduce waste;
  • case studies and examples of how union reps are taking action at their workplaces are detailed throughout.

Single copies of the Booklet cost £10.95 but orders over 100 reduce the price to £6.02 a copy for branches considering bulk orders.

Orders can be made on line here:-


Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB557 Union Action On Climate Change – A Trade Union Guide – LRD Booklet 2019


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