BT Property & Facilities Services – Escalation Procedure 

BT Property & Facilities Services – Escalation Procedure 

We are currently receiving a considerable number of escalations at Head Office relating to service and maintenance issues   from `Branches and Health & Safety representatives as they do not always know the best/correct route in CBRE or ISS beyond the Helpdesk.

At a recent meeting with Property and Facilities Services this issue was discussed in detail and we have now received the formal escalation procedure for all issues relating to CBRE and ISS.

Escalation process 

There are 3 stages of escalation as follows;

  • 1st stage – Property & Facilities Helpdesk or local Area Facilities Manager
  • 2nd stage – Regional Facilities Managers
  • 3rd stage – Business Unit Operations Director

Also find attached a copy of the full contact details for the appropriate managers but details of this and individual sites can be found on the BT intranet on buildings A-Z and this will always be the most up to date reference point.

All Branch representatives and Health & Safety representatives should be using this escalation procedure on all issues that are not resolved via the Helpdesk.

Any issues that remain unresolved as a result of using this process should then be flagged to my office


Sally Bridge

National Officer

LTB 555.2019

LTB 555.2019 Attachment 1

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