Special message from CWU Eastern No5 Area Processing Rep Ernie Orviss

The Branch have completed over 30 gate meetings during the last two weeks telling members face to face the reason we are balloting you for industrial action. By now you would of decided which way you are going to vote. Yes, if you want to fight to keep Royal Mail as a whole company, fight to protect the USO serving our country for over 500 years and fight to protect your jobs, terms and conditions or No, if you want to allow Rico Back to break Royal Mail up, attack your terms and conditions, attempt to reduce the USO, causing thousands of job losses. We have told you how important it is to use your vote.

The last Tory government changed the trade union law including the way we ballot our members. The law was changed so that now trade unions don’t just need a majority of those that voted to deliver a yes vote they now need over 50% of tho members balloted entitled to vote.

I will give you an example of what this means. If only 49% of members balloted voted and everyone of them voted yes to industrial action, this would not be enough for a yes vote because effectively the 51% that didn’t vote would have their votes classed as No votes.

If the membership of this union decide they don’t want to make a stand against the attacks they currently face, I want it to be a decision they make, not some faceless minister in government.

So whatever way you decide to vote later this week please make sure we have democracy that is delivered by postal workers not by some restrictive law that was brought in to stop workers standing up for themselves.

So remember, please use your vote and obviously VOTE YES TO INDUSTRIAL ACTION.

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