The Voice – relaunch and non-plastic wrapping

The Voice – relaunch and non-plastic wrapping

Early next week the new edition of The Voice will land at member’s home addresses. We have worked on a complete re-brand and moved the focus away from outdated news to a features led publication which showcases the best of our industrial, political equality and education work and much more. We are now confident that The Voice compliments and enhances our other communications channels.

We will make further improvements in issue two including adding four additional pages and changing the paper on which the magazine is printed.

We ask branches to give suitable publicity the changes in your local communications.

In addition to the magazine we have also taken the decision to cease the use of plastic wrapping and will now be using a 100% compostable material. This is line with the environmental strategy the union is developing. We do not feel continuing to produce 200,000 copies of The Voice wrapped in plastic was acceptable. This small but significant change is introduced as part of our development of a much wider environmental strategy that we are in the process of designing. As we develop that approach the opportunity will be given for input from across the Union. Keep a look out for further information on this issue in the coming months. 

 Any feedback on The Voice should be directed to Marcia Murray


Dave Ward                            Tony Kearns                                                       Chris Webb

General Secretary               Senior Deputy General Secretary                Head of Communications


19LTB 548-19 -The Voice – relaunch and non-plastic wrapping

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