Royal Mail Electric Vans Introduction/Deployment Update – Part of The 2019/20 Vehicle Replacement Plan

Royal Mail Electric Vans Introduction/Deployment Update – Part of The 2019/20 Vehicle Replacement Plan

LTBs 106/18 and 215/18 detailed the first 3-phase deployment of 100 Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Vans by Royal Mail Group Fleet to 17 pilot Delivery Office locations in various parts of the country.

As previously reported in LTBs 454/17 and 535/17, 106/2018, 215/2018, RMG, recognise the need to respond positively to the Government’s much-anticipated Clean Air, Environmental Plan and the need to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and diesel particulate emissions from all forms of road transport. There is a need to comply with the introduction of major city Low Emission Zones initially and then secondly prepare for the Government announced petrol and diesel engine vehicles ban due in 2040 (2032 in Scotland). This all comes amid the rising levels of pollution posing a major risk to public health. As previously reported, the UK Government is now bound to implement new measures to cut toxic air quickly after two court rulings that the current UK plans are so poor they are illegal. London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will come into force from April 8, imposing daily tolls of £12.50 per day for affected cars and vans, and £100 for lorries. BirminghamDerby and Newcastle are planning their own ULEZ schemes with others to follow. Since 2015, more than 60 local authorities have been ordered to tackle illegal levels of air pollution, which is why many of these are planning to introduce clean air zones. A new report from Public Health England, an arm of the Department of Health, has recommended that every council considers setting up such a zone to improve air quality.

RMG’s 2018 purchase agreement for the first 100 Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Vans represented one of the biggest single purchases of electric vehicles to be used commercially in the UK to date. This was the first batch of Light Commercial Electric Vans, introduced over 3 phases with another 193 electric vans now imminently to be introduced this year as the fleet transitions over coming years away from the internal combustion engine powered diesel and petrol vehicles. The electric vans will certainly help Royal Mail to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its delivery fleet. The technical and safety feature details of the vans, along with training details for drivers and fleet technicians was reported in earlier LTBs and further training will be provided as more electric vehicles are introduced. The new electric vehicles are part of a £90m overall investment in new vehicles in 2019/20.


New Electric Vehicles
Office Peugeot Partner Mercedes


LDV Total Electric Vehicles
East London DO Whitechapel 6 20 26
North London DO Islington 6 12 18
Dartford DO 10 1 3 17
West London MPU

Premier Park

32 10 42
Mount Pleasant MC/DO 0 87 87
Bexleyheath DO 6
Total 60 130 3 193
100 Electric Peugeot Partners previously entered service in 2018 adding to the 2 original trial vehicles. These were deployed at: Derby DO, Camden DO, Whitechapel DO, Bexleyheath DO, SW London DO, Hockley DO, Cardiff DO, Nottingham South DO, Belfast DO, Harehills DO, Edinburgh Dell DO, Orpington DO, Dartford MPU, Islington DO, Bristol South DO, Hythe DO, Southwark DO and WLLC MPU.  

Grand Total

Electric Vehicles



CWU ASRs will be consulted and fully involved in determining the safe installation and location of electric vehicle charging, Risk Assessments and Safe System of Work.

Other related LTBs and Reports:-

  • LTB 289/19 – Independent Committee on Climate Change (ICCC) Report Calling on UK Government To End its Contribution to Global Warming with New Target of Net Zero Emissions by 2050.
  • LTB351/19 – National Clean Air Day – Thursday, 20 June 2019.
  • LTB 436/19 – Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN) Charter & New TUCAN Guidance Published.
  • LTB 198/19 – New Royal Mail Peugeot Partner Vans with New Range of Extended Safety Features.


  • Clean Air Zones UK Map
  • Details of UK Clean Air Zones
  • Clean Air Zones Exempt Vehicles

Electric Vehicle AVAS Safety Systems – (Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems)

A separate LTB is being issued on AVAS systems which are noise generating safety systems which now have to be fitted to ‘silent’ electric vehicles by law.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB533 Royal Mail Electric Vans Introduction Deployment Update – Part of The 2019-20 Vehicle Replacement Plan

Clean air zones – Exempt Vehicles

Clean air zones map

Details of Clean air zones and low emission zones


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