The autumn issue of The Voice will see a full re-launch of the publication. We are moving away from a news focused strategy. In the world of constant 24/7 news, social media and video, any attempts to match this in print have become outdated.

We do however firmly believe an opportunity exists to produce a well read and important print magazine as a union.

With this in mind we will re-launch completely with more member-led publication including features from the workplace, branches and regions. We will still bring you news but to a much reduced level. We will see no reduction in our industrial and workplace coverage – it will just be brought to you in a more strategic and thought provoking way.

We will also use this opportunity to continue to promote our equality, education, young workers and retired member’s activities.

Additionally, we are delighted to confirm that alongside the new magazine we will cease the use of plastic postage wrapping and introduce a new compostable cover.

Finally, we have decided the stars of our first cover should be you – our reps and members. Whether at work or retired we want you to send us your selfies via WhatsApp to 07907 502190. Please get this message out there as far and wide as possible as we are looking for hundreds of images.

The Voice has a huge tradition in the union and rightly so. It is time to review its purpose and direction. We look forward to sharing the new edition with you in late September. If you have any thoughts or ideas we should consider please get in touch.

All enquiries on this LTB should be directed to our Publications Editor Karl Stewart

Kind regards


Chris Webb
Head of Communications, Engagement and Media


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