Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 81

Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 81

Reproduced below for the information of Branches are the terms of Motion 81 which was carried at the Postal Industrial Conference 2019.


Conference notes that despite a membership recruitment bounce resulting from the Four Pillars industrial action ballot there are still over 15,000 non CWU members out of the 128,982 workforce employed across RM group.

Conference further notes that the T&FS section of the CWU held a two-day organising / recruitment forum in Birmingham on 26th / 27th Feb to discuss their strategy for recruitment in the Telecommunications sector.

Therefore, the Postal Executive is instructed to produce a report/strategy on how it intends to recruit some of these 15,000 plus non-CWU members into the CWU.
In order to tackle this issue, there needs to be Postal Executive, Divisional, Area, Branch and Unit Rep co-ordination and involvement to achieve this aim.

The report, along with its recommendations, should be produced within 3 months of this Conference and suitable national / Divisional meetings should be set up to discuss on how the report is to be deployed.

The Postal Executive is instructed accordingly.

The aim of this LTB is to update Branches on the initial activity the DGS(P) Department has been undertaking in order to progress the terms of the Motion. This activity has centered primarily on maximising the number of branches attending the Welcome to Royal Mail (WtRM) sessions.

By way of background, Branches are informed via an email from Royal Mail two weeks prior to any sessions taking place with a further reminder being provided a week before. The information provided also contains the date, location and the room the WtRM meeting is being held in. The CWU session has a fixed timeslot of 11am.

At the Postal Executive meeting held on 2nd July 2019, the analysis of the WtRM meetings that have taken place so far in 2019 (January-May) revealed the lost opportunity of recruiting a potential 950 new members due to CWU Representatives not attending these sessions. Therefore it is clear that the initial activity must be to close this gap.

Consequently the DGS(P) Department, in conjunction with Lynn Browne, Postal Department Senior Organiser, are developing a more robust system to ensure that we maximise Branch/Representative attendance at these sessions. Information relating to this will be circulated to Branches on an individual basis once the work on the new system has been completed.

I am sure that colleagues will recognise the importance of addressing the current shortfall in our new entrant recruitment process and that this initial activity will help us to develop the wider strategy detailed in Motion 81. In the meantime, I am sure Branches/Colleagues will make every effort to ensure that the WtRM sessions are attended by an appropriate CWU Representative.

Further information on the wider strategy will be circulated to Branches in due course.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary Postal

19LTB408 – Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 81


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