Mick Goldsmith and Dick Hewlett at NPC Blackpool 2019.   RETIRED MEMBERS COMMITTEE REPORT.


Mick Goldsmith and Dick Hewlett at NPC Blackpool 2019.




Following last month’s committee meeting where it was agreed to cancel our Retired Members meeting in respect of the passing of Mick Shill and Pat Friskey, our former Sectional Chair and Secretary, dates and venue for the re-arranged meeting will be decided shortly.


Myself and Dick Hewlett attended the recent National Pensioners Parliament held in Blackpool. Dave Ward our General Secretary attended as a guest speaker and congratulated the NPC on all the hard work they do on behalf of pensioners. We debated the recent BBC decision to defer payment of the free TV license to the over 75s unless you are in receipt of pension credit. A 59 seat coach was hastily arranged to take delegates and lobby outside the BBC studios at Salford Quays, Manchester to protest their decision.


Other issues raised were the still awaited Green Paper on social care which has yet to be published. The important thing to remember is the question of how we properly fund social care in both home and community, and until the Green Paper is published and properly debated, no party will be able to debate and give a definitive route they will take on this issue.


The recent House of Lords recommendations relating to intergeneration issues was debated not so much on the elderly having more, and the young less, therefore the old should give up more of their universal benefits to provide aide to the young. It rests more on how we can provide the same benefits to the young when they get older by way of decent workplace pensions, decent wages affordable housing and so on.


We shall be providing a comprehensive report to the RMs through the next newsletter and the forthcoming RMs meeting.


Mick Goldsmith 

Retired Members Secretary


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