Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay  Update 14th July

Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay 

Further to LTB 344/19 Branches will be aware that we have been in dialogue with ACAS concerning the Early Conciliation process and how this can be streamlined. Given that the number of claims is now increasing on a daily basis, any amendments that result in less time being needed for conversations between Branches and ACAS will no doubt be welcomed by both parties.

I am therefore pleased to inform Branches that we have now agreed the attached process with ACAS which will commence from Monday 24th June 2019.

Branches should also note that ACAS believe a collective resolution to the current impasse provides the best way forward and in light of this a meeting was held with Royal Mail Group on Tuesday 11thJune 2019 with a further meeting date set for Friday 21st June 2019.  We have made it clear to the Business that this matter cannot remain unresolved for much longer and that when we next meet they must submit a proposal for a National Collective Agreement.

At a national presentation on Wednesday 12th June 2019 regarding the future strategy of Royal Mail Group, Senior Managers stated their intention to reach a swift Agreement on the issue of average pay on leave. They must now put their words into action.   In the absence of such an Agreement it is abundantly clear that this issue is gathering increased momentum among our members and that the number of Early Conciliation claims continue to multiply.

In closing I would like to reiterate that we continue to encourage every member to make a claim if they are not in receipt of their average pay whilst on annual leave and reconfirm that the Union is committed to achieving a National Collective Agreement that will meet our members’ aspirations.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.


Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)    

19LTB372 Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay

LTB 372.19 Attachment 1 Royal Mail Group Holiday Pay        

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