Election of CWU Regional Secretaries 2019

Election of CWU Regional Secretaries 2019

Further to LTB 297/19 dated 17th May 2019 at the close of nominations the following had been received:


Eastern Region

Paul Moffat Central Counties & Thames Valley *ELECTED


Midland Region

Kate Hudson South Midlands Postal *ELECTED


North East Region

John Woodhouse Newcastle Amal *ELECTED


Northern Ireland Region

*Ballot Required
Eamonn Cooke Northern Ireland Combined
Billy Hannaway Northern Ireland West
David Kennedy Northern Ireland Telecom


North West Region

Carl Webb North Lancs & Cumbria *ELECTED


Scotland Region

*Ballot Required
Craig Anderson Scotland No 1
John Carson Glasgow District Amal


South East Region

*Ballot Required
David Banbury Kent Invicta Branch
Paul Carpenter South East No 5


South West Region

Kevin Beazer Bristol & District Amal *ELECTED


Wales & The Marches Region

Gary Watkins Gwent Amal *ELECTED


London Region 

*Ballot Required
Khurrum Khan South West Middlesex Amal
Ian Murphy Harrow & District


Please note that the timetable for the ballots is as follows: 

Despatch ballot material from: 2 July 2019
Close of ballot: 24 July 2019 (first post)  


Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 0208 971 7237 or email address sdgs@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,


Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary



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