Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 142

Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 142

Reproduced below for the information of Branches are the terms of Motion 142 raised in the name of the LGBT Conference which was carried at the Postal Industrial Conference 2019.

Conference notes that it cannot be assumed that pension rights are applied equally across the board to all couples, whether in heterosexual or same sex relationships. It is a concern that some of the existing pensions which members have accrued may not pay out to a specified partner in a same sex relationship, despite it being clearly stated in an ‘Expression of Wishes’ form to the pension trustees, as the trustees are not legally bound to enact these wishes.

Conference instructs the Postal Executive working with the LGBTAC to ensure that all members regardless of the nature of their relationships have their beneficiary wishes respected and enacted as a point of principle to ensure complete parity for all our members.

This directive is to include the proposed CDC pension currently in development, or any variant thereof.

The Department via Paul Kennedy, CWU/RMG Pension Trustee, have made enquiries to the respective Senior Pension Fund Manager as to the status of Expression of Wish forms where individuals are in same sex relationships, marriage or civil partnership. The Department received the following confirmation from Mark Rugman, Head of Membership and Benefits, which is reproduced below for ease of reference:


The Rules of the RMPP do indeed provide for a pension to be paid to a spouse of any sex or to a civil partner, with no difference in the rate and allowing for the member’s full service in the RMPP.

The discretionary lump sum is just that – paid at the discretion of the Trustee (unless in some cases where a Section B member has chosen to have it paid to their Personal Representative). Therefore, a member is free to indicate who they would wish to receive it and nominate their spouse or civil partner as they see fit and the Trustee will consider those wishes when deciding on the distribution.

Mark Rugman

You will note from the above that the current RMPP does recognise the status of same sex relationships detailed on the Expression of Wish form and therefore the Postal Executive are satisfied that this aspect of the Motion has been met.

However in view of the concerns raised in Motion 142, any CWU member in the Postal Constituency who has experienced any difficulties in relation to submitting an Expression of Wish form who are in a same sex relationship should provide the details to the DGS(P) Department so they can be raised with the business accordingly.

In relation to the second element of the Motion involving the proposed CDC/DB Pension Scheme, the Department will ensure that the same principles are adopted when this scheme is eventually introduced.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary Postal

19LTB336 – Postal Industrial Conference 2019 – Motion 142

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