Membership Records Review – Staffing Arrangements

Membership Records Review – Staffing Arrangements

In line with the CWU Redesign Project, we have undertaken a review of staffing arrangements within the membership department including workloads, roles and responsibilities.

Taking into consideration the future implementation of a new Regional Structure, we intend to trial a change to the existing arrangement whereby staff are currently allocated a set number of branches by constituency (Postal/TFS), to one based on allocation by region irrelevant of constituency. We believe this will allow regions an efficient and direct route to resolving membership record issues.

The trial of the new working arrangements will be for a 6 month period during which we will monitor the impact of this change.

Branches are therefore advised that until further notice the following members of staff will have responsibility for the following regions:

Hayley Moffat Midland and Eastern Ext 467

Barbara Freakley North East and Scotland Ext 348

Mary Grigson South East and South West Ext 460

Melissa Rogers North West and Wales Ext 245

Nikki Haughton London and Northern Ireland Ext 262

It would assist the department for all email enquiries to be addressed to This will ensure enquiries are passed to the correct member of staff and will assist when members of staff are on annual leave.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed

Yours sincerely,


A P Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


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