Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 13 – 19 May 2019 – Royal Mail Group Campaign & Communications Plan – “Because Healthy Minds Matter”:

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 13 – 19 May 2019 – Royal Mail Group Campaign & Communications Plan – “Because Healthy Minds Matter”:

Royal Mail Group have just yesterday, shared with the CWU/HQ Health Safety and Environment Department their plans for next week’s Mental Health Awareness Week, the outline details of which are set out below with the full Communications pack, sent to us, attached for the information and attention of Health and Safety Reps, Branches and Regions.

The late notice has been raised with the RMG SHE Health Team who acknowledged the point and have apologised, informing us that the short notice was caused by RMG Communications and the finalisation with that group on Comms slots in the RMG agenda.

Mental Health Awareness Week Launch WTLL

A WTLL session involving staff at all workplaces will open the week ‎with a conversation about how staff can support friends, family and colleagues who are experiencing mental health issues and also how people can support themselves.

Traditionally, mental health has been a very difficult subject to talk about so the aim will be to point out to the workforce that although in the past people have been able to talk freely about physical injuries and illnesses but not when it comes to mental health issues, it’s now ‘Time to Change’ and ‘Time to Talk’ because it’s not always so obvious that something is wrong mentally.

The WTLL will refer to the huge spectrum of mental health issues that can affect anyone at any time and will cover some of the causes.

Regardless of how it originates or manifests, a mental health condition can impact every aspect of our lives – home, work and relationships. Royal Mail will convey in the WTLL staff briefing that it believes everyone deserves the right to be supported through difficult times and to get the help or treatment they need.

There are two main things that will be discussed in the launch WTLL:

  1. Firstly, if anyone in the workplace needs help and support in any way, giving the workforce a clear idea of who they can talk to and how to get help.
  2. Secondly, ensuring staff are better equipped to have the right conversations with people who might need our support.

Support Options:

Raising awareness of the support options available and encouraging staff with issues feeling anxious, worried or stressed or in serious distress to open up, don’t hide problems, talk and ask for help, stressing that they are not alone and making the point that millions of people in this country are also wrestling with an unseen mental health condition.

Here are some options:

  • Mental health support is available from the First Class Support helpline which is available 24/7. It’s confidential and free to use.
  • Talk to the GP.
  • Visit the Feeling First Class website where staff can access lots of support material.‎
  • Talk to a manager or colleague who can help guide individuals to the right support services.
  • Stressing to those struggling that conversations will be treated confidentially.
  • Supporting each other – Communicate, encourage colleagues to talk and take the time to listen without judgement, some people just need to be heard, others need professional support, direct them to support services and help them to access what they need.

As Mental Health Awareness Week Continues – Reminding The Workforce That Help is at Hand:

  • First Class Support is a 24/7, completely confidential and independent helpline for employees. Call 0800 6888777 to receive the following support:
  • Mental health support – Call and speak with someone trained to help you immediately with your mental health. Support can help with any work-related or personal issues in a non-judgemental and confidential environment. A range of care is available and can be provided by telephone or face to face.
  • Legal signposting – Legal information is available via telephone with a legal expert (for up to 20 minutes) on a wide range of issues.
  • Practical help – Advice on how to clear debts is available, even large debts which are out of control. Understand government benefits, resolve accommodation issues and receive guidance on accessing elder and child care, cancer and disability support. Domestic violence is an issue that can sometimes occur and support and guidance can be provided to those impacted.
  • Manager coaching – Coaching on how to help and support others going through change or where there are traumatic situations at work such as a road traffic accident or assault. It also includes those times where there is a workforce conflict or if there are difficult behaviour issues at work.
  • Physical health – Life-style support designed to increase physical health and fitness as well as improving work life balance and resilience. Information can also be provided for Royal Mail Groups wellbeing website Feeling First Class (see below for more information).
  • The Feeling First Class Portal has helpful support content for mental and physical health as well as the mental health e-Learning.
  • Urgent Crisis Support – The Samaritans (Phone: 116 123 -open 24/7).
  • Rowland Hill Fund: 0345 600 offering financial aid to the workforce, pensioners and their families in times of need.
  • Neyber: Through My Bundle’s Financial Wellbeing option you can access debt consolidation loans and financial education. Log into My Bundle through PSP or visit
  • Stepchange: Offering expert, tailored advice and practical solutions to problem debt, contact the UK’s leading debt charity on 0800 138 1111 or visit

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 2019 RMG Communications Plan

Date Comms Channel Communication
Monday 13thMay Intranet / Intro to MHAW and case study 1: Sarah
Tuesday 14thMay Intranet / Reminder of BHMM strategy and activity, ACT, Everyday people video and support available
Wednesday 15thMay‎ Intranet / Case study 2: Brandon
Thursday 16thMay Intranet / Signposting to mental health support
Friday 17th May Intranet / Closing MHAW and case study 3: Mihaela
w/c 13th May WTLL Mental Health Awareness
End May Courier 1 or 2 interviews / MH case studies, promoting and signposting to support with a focus on utilisation of First Class Support and reference to our Because Healthy Minds Matter work.
TBC due to slot availability. RMtv Interview and MH case study, promoting and signposting to support with a focus on utilisation of First Class Support.


  • RMG Mental Health Support
  • MHAW Case Study – Sarah
  • MHAW Supporting colleagues who may be suffering with poor mental health
  • MHAW Case Study – Brandon
  • MHAW First Class Support list
  • MHAW Case Study – Mihaela
  • MHAW WTLL Mental Health Awareness
  • MHAW Communications Plan

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB283 Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 13 – 19 May 2019 – Royal Mail Group Campaign & Communications Plan

0. Mental Health Support May 2019 v1.0

1. MHAW 19 Sarah FCS Case Study 13th May DRAFT

2. MHAW 19 BHMM 14th May DRAFT

3. MHAW 19 Brandon FCS Case Study 15th May DRAFT

4. MHAW 19 Reminder of Support 16th May

5. MHAW 19 Mihaela FCS Case Study 17th May DRAFT

6. MHAW WTLL MH Awareness May 19 DRAFT

MHAW 19 Comms Plan

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