In Lisa Forbes we are lucky to have a fantastic Labour candidate in Peterborough, somebody who embodies true Labour and Trade Union values and was endorsed by most unions during the selection process. 
As part of Lisa’s campaign to win the by-election and make this seat Labour again, 18th May has been designated as a Trade Union campaign day. 
Come and join us in working to return an MP committed to supporting us as Trade Unionists. 
There will be two sessions – morning and afternoon – of both canvassing and leafletting, whatever you feel comfortable with. 
You will be working with a team of people who have varying levels of experience but are all committed to one thing – securing the election of Lisa Forbes as another step towards a Labour Government. 
Details of assembly points etc will follow. In the meantime please let your union know if you are planning to attend. 
We look forward to welcoming you all to an event that will see Labour and Trade Union activists working hand-in-hand to deliver the result we need – Lisa Forbes as the next MP for Peterborough.



The Running order for the TULO Campaign Day in Peterborough is as follows


Meet up at Unite Offices, Church Walk, Peterborough PE1 2TP


1030 Rally with MP speakers at Unite Offices 


11.00 – 1300 Canvassing / Leafleting session


1400 – 1600 Canvassing / Leafleting session 


If people are attending could they please contact 


Andy Beeby

Ian Maidlow


By Wednesday 15th so that we have an idea of numbers.







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