BT Consumer: New Ways of Working Pilot in FTTP

BT Consumer: New Ways of Working Pilot in FTTP

The CWU has been consulted about a pilot of a new way of working being conducted in the Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) sites in Dundee and Accrington.

The pilot will see Camp 3 Case Handlers joining Camp 2 teams with the aim of improving customer service and reducing the levels of referrals to different camps.  As part of the pilot the Case Handlers will:

  • provide support to other team members, or take up calls/cases themselves if needed;
  • continue to do their role as a Case Manager, but will also be scheduled to take inbound calls.

The detailed arrangements for the pilot are contained in the attached letter from BT. Also attached is a copy of the communications in Consumer Read.

Career Progression and Grading

 The CWU continues to press BT to develop a career path in Consumer. As part of this we want to ensure that the grading for these roles is correct and that members are being paid the appropriate rate.

At the moment Camp 2 and Camp 3 are graded at the same level and for that reason BT has declined to make cover payments. However, for three years the CWU has been pressing for Camp 3 as it exists at the moment to be graded, and this has finally commenced.

BT has agreed that if the pilot is a success the Case Handler roles would be reassessed again.


BT has confirmed that is will discuss bonus options with all those Case Handlers in the pilot with a view to ensuring that no one is financially penalised by taking part.

Next Steps

BT will be consulting the CWU at local and national level throughout the pilot and further reports will be made in due course.

If Branches have any issues arising from this briefing please contact CWU HQ.

Yours sincerely,


Nigel Cotgrove 

Assistant Secretary

LTB 212.2019

LTB 212.2019 Attachment 1

LTB 212.2019 Attachment 2

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