Branches and representatives will be aware that activity in RDC’s/WBC’s has already commenced in line with the Resourcing Realignment commitments contained in the ‘Four Pillars’ agreement. In addition to that activity discussions have also been taking place with the business to formalise a model week process that can be applied in the RDC function.

It was jointly agreed that it would be mutually beneficial to produce a standardised process to assist in ensuring that a robust resourcing base is achieved in the RDC/WBC functions, recognising the variable and evolving nature of the workload.

Following discussions Joint activity was agreed, including the involvement of CWU Industrial Engineers, to establish a revised process which meets the commitments in the Four Pillars agreement and Realignment documents.

A Joint Statement has now been concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive, which provides a Methodology for Creating a Model Week in RDC’s/WBC’s to support the commitments in the Guiding Principles Agreement in relation to resourcing mix activity. 

A copy of the Joint Statement is attached for the information of Branches and RDC/WBC representatives.

It is anticipated that the methodology that will be applied will provide a clear process in RDC’s/WBC’s in relation to establishing an equitable resourcing mix that will:

 Maximise contractual staff. 

 Avoid stranded costs during low workload demand periods. 

 Provide a level of fixed and flexible earning opportunities to meet employee aspirations (OT/SA). 

 Ensure a reliable resourcing base. 

 Ensure effective alignment of resource to workload. 

 Be compliant with all National agreements (e.g. AL, SA etc.) 

 Comply with all legislation (e.g. Working Time Directive etc.) 

 Promote the use of innovative, mutual interest duty structures, ensuring workload clearance while providing work/life balance. 

The attached Joint Statement provides details of the review process to be undertaken on an annual basis and at peak periods to ascertain and facilitate resourcing mix requirements.

It is jointly envisaged that the processes that have been developed will provide a framework that will enable maximum permanent resourcing to be achieved, whilst also seeking to minimise stranded costs. Equally, the processes will enable flexibility in relation to resourcing, the maintenance of earnings potential for existing employees and reduce the reliance on agency resource during peak demand periods. It is jointly intended that the defined process will provide a method of reducing reliance on agency use and promote a contractual resourcing model that maximises, wherever possible, a permanent workforce consistent with existing agreements to ensure that a robust staffing base is achieved.

To ensure that the joint objectives are being achieved the resourcing figures/arrangements will be subject to National review on a six monthly basis going forward.

It has been reaffirmed that all activity will take place in line with the IR Framework and National agreements, including the MTSF where required.

It has also been confirmed that where agreed outcomes produce efficiency/operational savings these will be identified, tracked and recorded and will be included in the agreed funding solution for the 2nd Hour reduction in the Working Week for RDC/WBC’s. 

A Joint workshop has been arranged for the 27th March 2019 to deliver training in relation to the new process and RDC and WBC representatives should have received an invitation to attend. The training is extremely important and as such the department would request that every effort is made to ensure that one unit representative from each RDC and WBC is in attendance at this event. 

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 231.01

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary

LTB 179-19 – JS RDC & WBC Resourcing Mix Activity

JS In Relation To RDC And WBC Resourcing Mixed Activity 21.03.19

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