Statement from the CWU Race Advisory Committee on the Terrorist Attacks in Christchurch

Statement from the CWU Race Advisory Committee on the Terrorist Attacks in Christchurch

Monday 18 March 2019

The events in Christchurch of Friday 16 March 2019 have left a deep impression on people all over the world. The solidarity shown in the face of such a terrible attack is by far the best possible response that the trade union movement can provide and the CWU showed their outrage and their respect for the people of New Zealand when they marched against Fascism and Racism in huge numbers this weekend on the UN Day Against Racism. Chair of our Race Advisory Committee (RAC) Sajid Shaikh had a strong message for those who seek to sow fear and terror in communities whether at home or abroad. “The Communication Workers Union’s Race Advisory Committee would like to forward our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters in Christchurch. We stand in absolute solidarity with everybody affected by the terrorist attack. We oppose all forms of terrorist violence which seek to harm and divide communities.

The CWU are here to support members, communities and anyone affected by these terrible events in any way possible. The hurt and pain you feel as a community is shared across the whole world by people of all races and religions. We all now have a duty to make even more effort to eradicate this racism, fascism and terrorism. The CWU commit to continuing to stand up against hatred and division and to promote unity, understanding and compassion. May Allah give the family of victims and the community Sabar through this very tough time.” 

We have today also heard about the disturbing events in the central Dutch city of Utrecht. Our hearts go out to those touched by these atrocities.

Trish Lavelle, Assistant Secretary for Education and Equalities emphasised the union’s complete commitment to facing up to the doctrines of racism and fascism “Everyone should be free to go about their business and lives without fear, terror and hatred. We in trade unions have a deep responsibility to challenge racism, fascism and hate in workplaces, in communities, in our families, in our politics and on the street. Every trade unionist has to be given the knowledge and confidence to stand up to the vile lies and the incitements to abuse and violence that are pervasive in all parts of society. We can do so little for the devastated families and communities in New Zealand and Utrecht apart from offer our solidarity but we can all commit to uniting to stamp out racism in our own communities.”

The RAC are working on a number of solidarity activities, which we will circulate in due course and are also encouraging CWU Branches to show solidarity against the attacks in their workplaces and communities and to provide support to any members who may be feeling distressed or anxious following these events. RAC members are happy to assist Branches in this respect.

Any enquiries regarding this email should be addressed to in the first instance.

Yours sincerely


Trish Lavelle

Assistant Secretary


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