The online registration is now available for Branch Secretaries to register their delegates attending the conferences that are taking place in Bournemouth.

A letter has been sent to all Branch Secretaries advising them of their delegation entitlement for each of the conferences.

Please ensure that you register the correct amount of delegates for the conferences your branch are entitled to attend. Any additions have to be registered as Observers as we are aware that Branches do bring more than their entitlement and throughout the week rotate their delegation.

In previous years we have used barcode scanning at all conferences and intend to use it again this year. This enables HQ to obtain data required for equality monitoring purposes. Branches are asked to co-operate on the morning of each of the conferences and allow the Stewards to scan their credentials in order that the data can be collected.

Please note that all Field Officials will be registered by HQ.

Branches should be familiar with the process but if you have difficulty with your login details or passwords please do not hesitate to and this will be looked into for you. This also applies if you need to make any changes once the applications have been submitted.

The log in website is  

Please note that all online registrations have to be completed byFriday 12th April 2019 as after this date you will be unable to use the website to register.  

Any enquiries on this LTB should be directed to Angela Niven on 020 8971 7256 or email

Yours sincerely,



Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

19LTB151 – Online Regisration

View Online


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