RMG/CWU Road Safety Campaign – Preventing Vehicle Rollaways – W/C 11 March 2019

RMG/CWU Road Safety Campaign – Preventing Vehicle Rollaways – W/C 11 March 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The background and importance of this Road Safety Communications Campaign is to raise awareness of the controls that are required when parking vehicles to prevent rollaways. Vehicle rollaways can cause serious injury or even fatality, and drivers could place themselves at risk of prosecution of a serious motoring offence if they fail to comply with the controls in place.

The idea is that by carrying out the Campaign activities during the week, it will help to raise the profile of road safety and keep drivers safe. The planned tasks for ASRs are to carry out Safety Inspections and speak to drivers.

ASRs are to be fully involved and consulted on joint RSW activities.

Facts and Figures

  • Rollaway incidents are on the increase, in 2017/18 we had 127 and YTD this year we have had 126.
  • There have been two serious incidents involving rollaways causing life changing injuries to both an employee and a third party.

Please note that this Road Safety Campaign was planned for deployment on 18 March, but at two day’s notice, Royal Mail Group Communications has pulled this forward and it will now be deployed next Monday 11th March.  I have informed the Royal Mail Global Director of Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability that it is unacceptable for Royal Mail Group Communications to do this in relation to moving important Health and Safety Campaign dates at short notice and that we will not be able to fully support or commit to Campaigns under these circumstances.  The Royal Mail Group Road Safety Team has suggested in response that ASRs may wish to spread activities over the two weeks, w/c 11thMarch and w/c 18th March.

In conclusion, we are leaving this to ASRs to decide locally how they best wish to approach this, but we have made it clear that moving dates at short notice in future is not acceptable.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB146 RMGCWU Road Safety Campaign – Preventing Vehicle Rollaways – Week Commencing 11 March 2019

HIT Posters

Leaflet Final Mar 2019 campaign

RS Campaign – Preventing Vehicle Rollaways – logistics handout Final 4

RSC Preventing Vehicle Rollaways Mar 2019 ASR activity plan Final 4

RSW Preventing Vehicle Rollaways – Managers Checklist Final 4

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