Actual Hours Data Capture Equipment – Site Surveys 

Actual Hours Data Capture Equipment – Site Surveys 

Dear Colleagues,

Branches and representatives are informed that the Automated Hours Data Capture trial activity has concluded and is currently subject to review at National level, in line with the agreed Terms of Reference (LTB 295/18 refers).

We have however been informed by Royal Mail National Management that they may be undertaking a number of site surveys, in order to identify and establish where in future the equipment and kit associated with this project could be installed, and to understand the associated projected costs.

Royal Mail have stated that this is necessary in order to inform the future Business case if the decision is made to pursue deployment of this initiative. They are also stating that at this stage the Business case decision has not been made to deploy or roll out the use of AHDC equipment Nationally and therefore as such the site survey activity is purely a preparatory exercise.

From the CWU perspective we have made it absolutely clear to the company that the trial activity in relation to this initiative has not been fully and jointly reviewed and evaluated in line with the Nationally agreed Terms of Reference. Therefore any National rollout or deployment is subject to further National discussion and agreement prior to any deployment taking place.

Branches and representatives will of course be updated as developments occur. However, in the meantime you are requested to monitor the situation and ensure that should there be any managerial attempts to introduce AHDC that this is challenged via the IR Framework and the relevant department is notified immediately. 

Any enquires in relation to this LTB should be directed to:

Deliveries: Outdoor Department, reference 230.03, email address:


Processing & RDC’s: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 730.13.

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary 

Katrina Quirke  – Acting Assistant Secretary 

LTB 096.19 – Actual Hours Data Capture Equipment – Site Surveys

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