International Anti-Racism Rally – Saturday 16th March – London

International Anti-Racism Rally – Saturday 16th March – London

Branches may be aware that the United Nations has declared Saturday 16th March as an international anti-racism day.  As a result of this the TUC and leading trade unions have met and agreed that we should collectively maximise trade union involvement at the rally.

This is part of a wider strategy that is taking shape within the TUC on the urgent need for trade unions to come together and counter the growth of the far right forces in the UK and across Europe.

As part of this the CWU will be developing its own approach to ensure we can commence a fresh and more informed debate with our representatives and members and further information will follow on this in due course.

In the meantime, it’s crucial that the CWU turnout at the rally is as big as possible and we are requesting attendance from every Branch.  In the next few weeks we will be working with our Regional Secretaries to ensure all Branches are contacted directly.

There are other rallies taking place across the UK.   However, the TUC has agreed that the Trade Union Movement should concentrate its efforts on the national demonstration in London.

The CWU will have our own clearly identified block on the rally and we will assemble at BBC, Portland Square from Midday.

Attached you will find social media graphics and posters which we ask you to share both online and in all workplaces.

Over the next few weeks we will provide more details on the support and engagement we are expecting from Branches on the day.  Finally, we want Branches to make this a priority commitment and commence the process for building support within your Branch and Region.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be address to the General Secretary


Yours sincerely


Dave Ward – General Secretary   

Trish Lavelle –  National Officer – Equality/Training & Education

19LTB076 Anti-Racism Rally – Saturday 16th March



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