Royal Mail Uniform Supplier Contract Tendering Process 

Royal Mail Uniform Supplier Contract Tendering Process 

Dear Colleagues,

The Union has been made aware during discussions that Royal Mail has put the general uniform supplier contract (currently with the company Dimensions) out to tender.

As a result of further consultation and an exchange of emails (which have been shared with the relevant CWU Departments), Royal Mail has confirmed the following additional points in relation to this tendering process and the CWU’s wider and ongoing involvement:

  • The tendering process will cover the whole of the Royal Mail Group including the current uniform suppliers for Parcelforce and Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions.
  • Any new uniform supplier will need to be able to offer a ‘like-for like’ uniform range in terms of current uniform items including those subject to ongoing trials. However, the tendering process will also consider new uniform options and designs going forward which would be rolled out via a soft launch and in line with current stock ranges depleting.
  • The CWU will be consulted directly once a shortlist of 3 bidders has been established. However, this consultation will take place after the 3 shortlisted potential suppliers (expected to be identified in February this year) have held three national roadshow events (North/Central/South) to share their concepts/designs with predominately multifunctional frontline operatives.

Whilst further clarification and details will be sought from Royal Mail by the Outdoor Department on the tendering process and possible impact to the current uniform range at the appropriate meetings, it is clear that this tendering process and its longer term implication will require cross-departmental involvement as it is a Royal Mail Group wide activity.

As such and in order to support the cross-departmental approach, the following PE colleagues will be involved in this uniform tendering process on behalf of the listed Departments:

  • Mick Kavanagh and Darren Glebocki – Outdoor Department
  • Katrina Quirke – Processing, Logistics, Parcelforce, International, Quadrant Department
  • Alan Tate – Postal Technical & Central Services Department

Any enquires in relation to this LTB should be directed to the Outdoor Department, reference 500, email address:

Or to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 005.

Or to the PTCS Department, quoting reference number 320: email

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary 

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary 

Ray Ellis – Assistant Secretary 

LTB 063.19 – Royal Mail Uniform Supplier Contract Tendering Process

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