CWU Women’s & LGBT Conferences 2019 – Social Events

CWU Women’s & LGBT Conferences 2019 – Social Events

Please note that the social events for the above Conferences will be taking place as follows:

  1. CWU Women’s Conference – Social

Tuesday 5th February 2019 at the Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool L3 5QB

The evening is entitled ‘Nightcap with the WAC’, which will be a networking opportunity prior to Conference, particularly for the assistance of first time attendees.  The event will be held in the hotel bar area from 7pm onwards.

  1. CWU LGBT Conference Social 

Wednesday 6th February 2019 at Ma Egerton’s Stage Door, 9 Pudsey Street, Liverpool L1 1JA

The pub is approximately 1 minute away from the Liner Hotel and has been booked from 7.30pm – 10pm.

We would welcome and encourage you to attend the Conference social events, as it will be an opportunity to network and bond with the WAC/LGBTAC and other delegates prior to Conference.


Yours sincerely


Trish Lavelle

Assistant Secretary


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