Outsourcing of BT Facilities Services – Launch of CWU Campaign #ENDGAME

Outsourcing of BT Facilities Services – Launch of CWU Campaign #ENDGAME

The CWU launched the #ENDGAME campaign today at the National Branch Briefing held to discuss the recently announced news that BTPFS intend to outsource all of the Facilities Services to CBRE and ISS from April 2019.

The Campaign will be called #ENDGAME

The objectives of #ENDGAME are as follows:

  • To campaign against the outsourcing of BT Facilities Services.
  • To involve the branches and members so that they understand the objectives and become active in the campaign.

Job Security:

  • To oppose any compulsory redundancies and to seek an agreement on voluntary terms for job losses.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To protect the existing terms and conditions of employment including:
  1. At the minimum maintaining the Real Living Wage for Housekeepers and Security Officers.
  2. Safeguard contractual hours. 


  • In the event that the employer fails to agree to the CWU’s objectives then the members will be balloted for Industrial action.

#ENDGAME Microsite

A Microsite has been set up on the CWU website where we are asking all our members from BTPFS and BT to sign a letter opposing the decision to outsource which can be sent electronically to Gavin Patterson, BT CEO and the BT Board.


Please find attached a copy of the model letter.


We are asking all our members from BTPFS and BT to sign the campaign petition. A copy of this is attached but can also be found on the Microsite.

Please find attached a copy of the petition.

Regional Demos

It will be out intention to hold a number of Regional Demonstrations outside key BT buildings to protest against the outsourcing. We would like to encourage as many BT branches and BTFS members to attend these events. Please note that any participation at these demos will require BT reps to take annual leave and it is strictly not permitted to use facility time.

It is important that as many of our BTFS members are involved in these events as possible and encouraged to support the campaign by coming out in their breaks or before/after their attendance.


Please find attached electronic copies of the posters and leaflets that will be used during the campaign.

We will be sending out stickers to the branches shortly.

Facebook Live Sessions

You may have already seen the publicity on social media about a Facebook live session that will be arranged for 27 November between 18.30 and 19.30. You can access this by going to the CWU Facebook page. We would like as many BTFS and BT members to join in and ask questions.

Campaign Dedicated email address

If you or our members have any questions or queries regarding the outsourcing or campaign, please use our dedicated email addressendgame@cwu.org

Yours Sincerely

Sally Bridge

National Officer



ENDGAME Petition


Model Letter BT Employee

View Online


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