CWU Eastern Number Five Branch: Special Redesign Conference Report 

CWU Eastern Number Five Branch 

Special Redesign Conference Report
The National Union and it’s Branches came together in Bournemouth over the weekend of 3rd & 4th November to discuss the future of the CWU.
Every part of the unions structure was debated from finance to education.
Dave Ward CWU General Secretary opened conference by saying that this was the most important conference in the unions 23 year history, we need to change or face merger.
The first section to be discussed was Branches and finance motion 3 was carried unaminously which called for 70% of the withheld rebate to be released to HQ’s and the remaining 30% held in a fund that Branches can request a payment from for projects.
Motion 14 was carried putting in place a 14 point health check for branches
Section 2 Regions
It was agreed that the new Regional Executive Committee will now contain the position of Regional Treasurer
National Structures
It was agreed that the national executive would be increased by 4 which would allow those who where not from an industrial background to sit on NEC
Motion 43 calling for the continuation of Annual Conference was narrowly defeated following a card vote, Luke Smith Deputy Branch Secretary spoke in debate to keep Annual Conference.
Motion 44 calling for Annual Conference and policy forums was carried
It was agreed that with retired members conference moving to Bi Annual conference there would be a retired members event held in the year in between.
It was also agreed to increase the amount of motions on Health &Safety
Motion 56 calling for Alvescot Lodge to be retained as a residential training centre was defeated.
Motion 57 instructing the NEC to draw up a full strategic financial plan with projected savings of each of the three elements of the asset review, this will be published to branches before any final decision is taken to dispose of any asset
Conference then carried motions 67 – 71 enabling the NEC to draw up the rule changes needed to make the amended redesign document policy at Annual Conference 2019.
My thanks to the Branch Delegation Luke Smith, Dennis Smith, Steve Clarke, Ernie Orviss, Richard Line and MickGoldsmith for giving up thier weekend to represent the membership of Eastern 5
If you require a copy of the Redesign documents please contact the Branch Office
Andy Beeby
Branch Secretary
CWU Eastern Number Five Branch

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