Pension Consultation 

Pension Consultation 

Yesterday marked a very important day in our journey to secure our new pension scheme – the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

This consultation commences with the following encouraging statements of support from key figures:

This is an important innovationI’m grateful to Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union for their assistance in getting us to this point.   Guy Opperman, Pensions Minister.

The Labour front bench has given wholehearted support to the scheme negotiated by Royal Mail and the CWU. This groundbreaking scheme is one of the most significant developments in pension policy in years and will offer better income in retirement for the employees concerned.   Jack Dromey, Shadow Pensions Minister, Labour Front Bench.

This could be the next great pensions revolution and help return the UK’s pension system to among the best pension systems in the world. It could be as seminal a moment as the Beveridge report was for the welfare state. Frank Field and the Work and Pensions Committee.

Against that backdrop, please find attached the Department for Work & Pensions consultation document and press release which was issued yesterday, with comments from Guy Opperman, Jon Millidge and the DGS(P). Colleagues will note that the consultation will run for 12 weeks and then the Government will bring forward the legislation change to enable our scheme.

This is a proud moment for our union and could not have been achieved without the loyal support of our members.

Please ensure the content of this LTB is shared as widely as possible with our Representatives and members.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department quoting reference 24111a.

Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)      

 18LTB627 – Pension Consultation  

18LTB627 Attachment 1 DWP Consultation Document  

18LTB627 – Attachment 2 DWP Press Release    


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