CWU’s Steve Keeley Wins the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health &Wellbeing Chairman’s Award 2018

CWU’s Steve Keeley Wins the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health &Wellbeing Chairman’s Award 2018

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Steve Keeley, the CWU’s Health and Safety Representative at Royal Mail’s Customer Experience Call Centre at Doxford, Sunderland has won the Royal Mail Group, Safety, Health & Wellbeing Chairman’s Award. The award recognises Steve’s contribution as a Union Safety Rep in looking out for people and in promoting high standards of health & safety in the workplace, both as an individual, and as part of the joint health and safety team at the Doxford unit, striving to make working environments safer.

Steve is a member of the Newcastle Amal Branch, and his CWU health and safety representative role was a prominent feature of his nomination CV. Steve has worked for Royal Mail for 20 years and has been a CWU Rep for 12 years. Steve is the first CWU Health and Safety Rep to win this award and the recognition of his outstanding work is a great credit to him and is to be welcomed within the Union.

After being shortlisted, Steve’s nomination came through the rigorous scrutiny of a high level Royal Mail Panel of people from across Royal Mail Group before going before the Royal Mail Chairman for final ratification. The presentation took place at the Plaza Hotel on the Albert Embankment in Central London last Thursday.

The work undertaken by Steve represents the best aspects of undertaking a CWU Safety Rep’s role in Royal Mail. Through Safety Reps like Steve the CWU will work to ensure that our members are able to leave work every day as healthy as when they arrived. There can be no better cause for Trade Unions than saving lives and preventing injury and ill health at work through our network of trained and experienced Health and Safety Reps.

I am delighted that a CWU Health and Safety Representative has won the Royal Mail Group’s Safety, Health & Wellbeing Chairman’s Award. He clearly works hard on behalf of his members and has won the respect of members and management alike for his knowledge, dedication and positive input. I’m pleased to add my personal congratulations as well as to thank Steve for the work he does as a Health and Safety Rep on behalf of CWU members in Doxford.

Steve joins a list of CWU Safety Reps who have won major National and Regional Awards for their work, making the CWU one of the best in the Trade Union movement. This award is great news for the Union, demonstrating the quality and professionalism of our Safety Reps and the strength of our safety organisation within the CWU. The CWU has worked tirelessly to lift the profile of health and safety and broaden our horizons, now being widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading Trade Union stakeholders and opinion formers on health and safety as a progressive, campaigning Union. The CWU’s Health and Safety Representatives deserve the full credit for their hard work and dedication that makes workplaces where CWU members work, healthier and safer places to be dealing with the many dangers and difficulties they have to tackle. The CWU will never rest on the issue of health and safety.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB601 CWU’s Steve Keeley Wins the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health & Wellbeing Chairman’s Award 2018

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