Four Pillars Agreement: OPG 35 Hour Full-Time Duty Deployment

Four Pillars Agreement: OPG 35 Hour Full-Time Duty Deployment

Colleagues will be aware that running alongside the 1 hour reduction in the working week from October 2018, the deployment/introduction of the OPG 35 full-time conditioned hours also commenced. The 35 hour arrangement is to support the flight path towards delivering a 35 hour gross working week (or the equivalent benefit) for all CWU grades in line with the terms of the Four Pillars Agreement.
Suffice to say we were mindful that the introduction of the new 35 hour week arrangement would not be without its challenges, both from a functional and operational perspective, hence why the Union has been pressing the business to agree and conclude a set of directives and/or guidelines to support its introduction.

Unfortunately, for reasons not attributed to the CWU, no such dialogue has taken place. It is therefore extremely disappointing to learn that various un-agreed guidelines and instructions are being circulated throughout the country. This has not only caused confusion to both managers and local representatives but in some instances is in direct conflict with the terms of the current National Agreement(s) the Union has with the employer that cover resourcing.

This situation is totally unacceptable to the CWU and is clearly outside of the Guiding Principles Agreement along with the agreed mutual interest approach to future challenges and opportunities that the Union and Royal Mail have signed up to. I can confirm that the Union is taking steps to rectify this situation at the highest level and restore a coherent and pragmatic approach to the introduction of the 35 hour full-time duties.

However, until we have concluded our discussions the following principals should be applied;

• All core full-time OPG duties should continue to be based on a 38 hour conditioned working week where operational hourage permits.

• In line with the terms of the Agreement, 35 hour contract holders (who can and are able to be aligned to cover a 38 hour duty) should be remunerated at single-rate overtime/scheduled attendance up to 38 hours, after which any additional hours will be paid at the appropriate overtime/scheduled attendance rate.

• If an individual who holds a 35 hour contract covers or commits to performing a 38 hour week core duty long-term, then either a variation in the contract should be agreed that covers the additional 3 hours, or alternatively the hours should be treated as scheduled attendance.
Colleagues are reminded that all matters relating to resourcing are proper to the IR Framework which includes the introduction and operation of the OPG 35 hour week duties.
Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department quoting reference 24000.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger – Deputy General Secretary (Postal)  

Ray Ellis – Assistant Secretary

Andy Furey – Assistant Secretary                                            

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary                                

Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary

18LTB589-Four Pillars Agreement – OPG 35 Hour Full-Time Duty Deployment

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