Below is a link to the pilot of our brand-new Podcast show. We have used Redesign as the subject matter for this Podcast to both ensure our branches get as much information as possible on the project and also to give our Communications team as much experience as possible on producing an episode before we move onto wider subject matters.

Future episodes will cover the world of work, politics, sport and of course, trade unions. We have a fantastic list of high profile guests and contributors lined up to participate. This will be another excellent media platform to engage with our members and a wider audience on the policies and views of the CWU.

I would ask that Branches take the time to listen to the whole pilot episode as it covers a range of topics within Redesign with contributions from Beryl Shepherd CWU President, Tony Kearns SDGS, Trish Lavelle Head of Education and Training and myself.

Thank you to our Communications Department and I look forward to listening to what the future episodes bring.


Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary


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