Special Conference Redesign – 3rd/4th November 2018

Special Conference Redesign – 3rd/4th November 2018

Following LTB 321/18 Branches will wish to know that a number of meetings have been held between the President, GS Office and the union’s Standing Order Committee (SOC). The agenda of these meetings was to discuss the format and structure of the Special Conference in November.

Work is continuing on the Redesign papers and the aim is to publish all the Redesign papers to Branches on the 28th August 2018. The SOC are currently working on the conference timetable for motions, delegations, etc and further LTBs will be sent in due course.

Finally, after careful consideration and recognising the limited conference time available, it has been agreed by the NEC that the Special Conference in November will deal with motions and extensive policy papers. Any subsequent rule changes will be dealt with next year at a Special Rules Revision Conference.. Further information relating to these matters will be sent to Branches in due course.

Any further enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s Office at gsoffice@cwu.org quoting the reference GS 29.0.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary

Tony Kearns – Senior Deputy General Secretary

18LTB455 – Special Conference Redesign – 3rd 4th November 2018

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