Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves Trial

Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves Trial

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Discussions have taken place with Royal Mail Head of Assets and the National Uniform Manager regarding a small trial of ‘Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves. The trial has been proposed at 4 locations. The idea is to see how they’re received and what staff think of them in terms of fit, comfort, protection etc.

This trial emanates from our long standing and ongoing discussions with the Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Team and the Royal Mail Group Assets Team going back a long while on how best to protect our outdoor members from Harmful UV Sunlight rays.

The manufacturer states that the Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves are lightweight, breathable and offer a high level of UV protection. They are used by cyclists during long summer rides, when extra protection against harmful UV rays is crucial as well as other outdoor sports people and workers who spend extended time in direct sunlight. The sleeves carry a high 200 UPF UV protection rating, exceeding all standards of UV protection. The sleeves have bonded hem thumb holes for comfort and are made of a highly breathable, light, very stretchy, elastic fabric which doesn’t hinder movement in any way and the moisture management fabric wicks away perspiration to keep the wearer dry. It is guaranteed as suitable for either work, leisure or sportswear under long hours of exposure to sunlight. Essentially, these simple fabric sleeves are designed to block the sun’s Ultraviolet UV radiation and provide arm protection as well as an optimal skin-cooling effect and moisture management when you perspire. The Sun Sleeves are made from a thin fabric that reflects the sunlight away from the clothing so that it’s not absorbed and transferred on to the wearer. They help prevent the wearer burning up as temperatures and sunshine levels soar. The sleeves also maintain breathability to prevent the wearer overheating. The sleeves also have bright ‘high-vis’ logos and are unisex, coming in two sizes (Xs/S and M/L).

See attached photos of the Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves for your information and perusal. Also attached are two examples of CWU ‘Sun Smart – Skin Safe’ campaign posters, one produced in partnership with the NHS and one produced in partnership with Royal Mail, Parcelforce and IOSH. (Note these posters can be downloaded and printed locally or copies ordered from CWU/HQ).

If successful and adopted, this item will be encompassed in the PPE Matrix. The trial will determine if they are practical and popular or not and importantly, whether they deliver the protection level claimed. The CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department is happy to support a trial and the ASRs covering the offices concerned have been briefed and asked to monitor the trial and feedback on the product for suitability etc.

40 pairs of Sleeves have been ordered for the trial with 20 of each size, based on 10 volunteers taking part at each of the trial Delivery Offices.

The following 4 Delivery Office sites have been chosen as these offices are also included in the trial of Uniform/PPE/Clothing/Footwear ‘Roadshow’ visits.

Trial Office

ASRRotherham DO

Andrew KiplingPreston CDO

Elaine DalgleishKentish Town DO

David WakeLincoln DO

Steve WestThe Royal Mail National Uniform Manager has been in touch with the DOM’s for volunteer names and sizes required and hopefully the garments will be delivered next week from the supplier into Dimensions (Royal Mail’s Clothing and Footwear supplier) and from there they will be forwarded to the trial Delivery Offices.

The trial of these items will be for 12 weeks. The CWU Area Health and Safety Reps (ASRs) will be fully involved and have been requested to assist by visiting the Delivery Offices and to work with the DOMs to encourage our members to participate in the trial and also to ensure that those volunteering to trial the products provide their feedback at the trial conclusion when requested. The trial report back results and outcomes will then be published in due course.

Best Regards.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB432 Sun Safety Arm Protection Sleeves Trial


Sun Safety JULY17_

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