RMPFSL April 2018 Pay Review

RMPFSL April 2018 Pay Review

Further to LTB339, following rejection of the previous pay offer from RMPFSL further talks have taken place and an improved offer has been received which the Postal Executive is recommending for acceptance in an individual member ballot of all members employed in RMPFSL, commencing on 11th July 2018.

The offer provides for:

• 2.5% increase in basic pay for all CWU represented grades (other than cleaners on entry and midpoint who have already received an increase on 1st April) from 1st April 2018, flowing through to London Weighting, Scottish Distant Island Allowance and Pensionable Allowances.

• £120 lump sum payment to cleaners (other than those on entry and midpoint who have already received an increase on 1st April) paid in December, consolidated into basic pay at the end of the year in March.

• Consolidation of addition to basic pay (ABP) for Engineers and Admin Grades from 1st April 2018.

• Increase in stand by and call out payments for BFM staff to match payments to BES Engineers backdated to 1st  April 2018.

• Introduction of overtime multiplier for cleaning grades from 1st April 2018 as follows:

Weekday overtime x 1.2 hourly rate

Saturday overtime x 1.5 hourly rate

Sunday overtime x 2 hourly rate

• Cleaners remaining on weekly pay to move to monthly pay over a six month period beginning February 2019, using the standard Royal Mail transitional process.


The annual cash value of the offer for a cleaner on full point including the £120 lump sum is £595.47, equivalent to 3.25% of basic pay. The significant improvement in overtime rates deals with a major issue of concern for cleaning members in a positive way going forward.

The value of ABP for Engineering and Admin Grades is 0.93% of basic pay. Whilst consolidation does not improve the cash value of the offer on basic pay, it produces benefit by increasing the hourly rates for overtime and pension purposes.

Harmonisation of standby/call out payments between BFM and BES Staff significantly improves rates for BFM staff on call out.

Overall against a difficult negotiating background the Postal Executive believes that this is an offer worth recommending to our members, which will clear the way for a more considered review of the pay and terms and conditions package next year following a proposed RMPFSL Policy Forum in the autumn.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference 301. Email address: khawkins@cwu.org


To the Outdoor Department quoting reference 120.12, email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis – Assistant Secretary

Mick Kavanagh – Acting Assistant Secretary



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