Royal Mail Group (RMG), Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Team – Revised Organisational Structure

Royal Mail Group (RMG), Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Team – Revised Organisational Structure:

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Further to my Letter to all Royal Mail Group CWU ASRs and all CWU Regional Health and Safety Forums regarding the announced Business reorganisation‎ announcement by Sue Whalley CEO RM Post & Parcels, the SHE team is now aligned to the main business changes.

‎Details of the new RMG SHE Structure are attached which includes a contact list and the postcode areas covered by the various team members.

Key Points:

• The RM Group SHE Structure, under Shaun Davis RMG Global Director of Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability remains in place with no break up or devolvement.

• There will be three functional strands in the new Letters and Network organisation; the former Regions (North, West, East and South) have been disbanded.

• These three functions are Processing & Collections, Logistics & Distribution and Delivery.

• The SHE Structure has been reviewed to support these changes with resources allocated on a risk basis by the Business.

• The new field structure is headcount neutral (77).

Attached is a copy of the latest version of the PowerPoint slide presentation detailing the new SHE Structure together with a copy of the updated SHE Contacts List which gives details of the postcode areas that the SHE team members now cover. The combined documents will help ASRs identify who covers which area.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB312 Royal Mail Group (RMG), Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Team

SHE Function Org Chart 2018-19 (040518)

Copy of SHE Contacts May 2018

View Online


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