TUC New Deal for Workers Demo – Thank You and Next Steps

TUC New Deal for Workers Demo – Thank You and Next Steps

 I would like to thank all of our Branches, Representatives and members who mobilised for and attended the demonstration on Saturday.

The CWU turnout was simply outstanding and by far the biggest we have ever had for an event of this nature. Furthermore, the banners, noise and union colours worn by our delegates gave us a vibrancy that really did make us standout on the day. The event was another sign that the CWU is in a good place, with a clear direction on our New Deal for Workers Campaign.

The march was well covered by the media and some of the articles can be found in the links below. The CWU sponsored Morning Star cover was a success with over 5,000 picked up in London on Saturday. We have arranged for copies of this edition to be dispatched to all branches in the next few days.







New Deal Campaign – Next Steps

What also set the CWU apart on Saturday is that we are the union that has clearly set out a New Deal Next Steps plan for the trade union movement to now get behind and build on. This is set out below:-

1 All unions to agree a common bargaining agenda to tackle insecure employment.

2 The TUC to call a summit meeting for unions to agree a charter to bring about greater co-operation in recruiting the millions of unorganised UK workers.

3 All unions to agree, publish and communicate a Manifesto of demands on what constitutes a new deal for workers.

4 The TUC to announce a day later this year where all UK workers can participate in forms of deliverable action.

I want to impress upon all Branches, CWU Reps and members that continuing to expand the New Deal Campaign is a key CWU strategy and will be fundamental to reasserting trade union values across society. The campaign builds on the work the union has been doing to ensure that protecting and enhancing the terms and conditions of our members is at the heart of everything we do and will support the development of a more ambitious recruitment and organising strategy. It is also a crucial part of our work in supporting Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to win the next General Election.

In the coming weeks, we will develop these positions and the campaign across our own union and explain how we will be asking our Regions and Branches to build support amongst other unions and in our communities.

In the meantime, I have attached to this LTB a link to an article published in the Morning Star on Saturday, which I believe is helpful in making the arguments as to why all workers need a new deal and why we must make this the priority campaign for the whole of the trade union movement to come together like never before.

Finally, once again a big thanks to all those who attended on Saturday – you have helped create a platform to really move our movement forward.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary



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